Aussichtspunkt Seppä Bänggli

Viewpoint Seppä Bänggli

Hike to Seppä Bänggli – or the convenient shortcut – with Goro

  • Start and end: Ennetberge – Seppa Banggli
  • Duration: 10 minutes / 2 hours
  • Difficulty level: Slightly difficult

Seppäbänggli in Glarnerland

There are two ways to get to “Seppä Bänggli” – on foot or by car and then a short walk. Since Goro is already a bit older, we left most of it by car.

If you want to walk, you can walk up from Ennenda in the direction of Ennetberge and from there follow the signs to Seppä Bänggli. This is a rather steep ascent, mainly in the forest on hiking trails and occasionally crossing the mountain road. There are no drinking/water points on this trail.

By car and a short walk to Seppä Bänggli

By car you drive from Ennenda in the direction of Ennetberge up the mountain road. The streets are rather narrow, but there are always alternatives.

You curve up to the Alpenblick restaurant (By the way, highly recommended, also for vegetarians!). Immediately after the restaurant, turn right and follow the road up. At the next major left turn, you will see a sign "Seppä Bänggli". Here you can park your car on the street nearby.


Stairways to heaven

After the gravel path you come to a large meadow where cows sometimes graze. Here you have to cross country - or as best you can along the edge, with a jump over any fences. Makeable! You'll find the stairs up into the forest if you look straight out over the meadow.


Bit up and down

Now comes a beautiful part through the forest - it goes up a bit and then down a few meters to the breathtaking "Seppä Bänggli" viewpoint.

By the way! Take some coins and look for the refreshment! PS it's “underground”. Let us know if you found something cool...