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What makes BergBlüten special

With our own manufactory, BergBlüten AG embodies dedication, honest craftsmanship and the highest technology . The result: BergBlüten-Manufaktur stands for premium products, top quality, the best ingredients and fair working conditions - but how do our products get so good? We are committed to respecting nature and acting sustainably, from cultivation in the fields to processing in our factory to distribution.

BergBlüten AG is particularly committed to:

  • Innovative manufacturing and quality assurance in Switzerland, Ziegelbrücke.
  • Sustainable, gentle and local production from seed to drop.
  • Strong team and strong partnerships for constant availability.
  • The result: high-quality CBD.

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Frequently asked questions about CBD

Can you get high from CBD products?

No. It is not possible to get high from CBD products. CBD (cannabidiol) is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid. Neither comprehension nor perception are affected. In other words, CBD doesn't induce a high and doesn't get you high. The World Health Organization (WHO) declared at a meeting of the "Expert Committee on Drug Dependence» that CBD is tolerable and safe for both humans and animals, and has no potential for psychosis or addiction.

Can you still drive a car after using CBD products?

According to the current state of knowledge, the effect of CBD on the ability to drive and driving ability negligible. However, CBD products contain small amounts of THC, which, when using large amounts, can result in the permitted blood limit value being exceeded for THC in road traffic (1.5 micrograms THC per liter of blood) is exceeded. In this case, the person is considered unfit to drive.

How do you dose CBD for your pets?

A universally effective amount of CBD does not exist, as it varies depending on the reason for use and size of the animal. For this reason we have a calculator designed to make custom dosing for pets easy with just a few clicks can be found out self-explanatory. Click HERE to use our calculator use.

Is CBD legal

Yes, the cannabinoid CBD is legal in Switzerland. Due to the manufacturing process, many CBD products residual amounts or traces of THC can be detected. In Switzerland, the upper limit of 1% THC not to be exceeded. We at BergBlüten are strict to comply with the laws applicable to our products in Switzerland and only sell products that are marketable. For example, we control the THC levels for each product not only ourselves, but also have them carried out by an accredited third-party laboratory confirm.

How to effectively store products with CBD?

It is advisable to keep the products dry and protected from light to ensure a long shelf life. Under no circumstances should the products be exposed to the blazing sun or kept near a stove or in the refrigerator.

Is it safe to take products with CBD across the border?

Before traveling abroad, it should be clarified which provisions regarding the import and use of products containing CBD in the respective destination country are valid.