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Right from the start, we have strived to carry out all steps of the entire value chain in the production of high-quality CBD oil ourselves. From breeding and development to research and optimization, we have made it our mission to be able to offer everything from a single source. No sooner said than done - but this can only really succeed with the right partners.

Today, BergBlüten forms a network of specialists who produce and market innovative CBD products from the hemp plant and sensitize society to the topic of CBD. It is collaborations with universities, technology companies, doctors, veterinarians, research companies, nutritionists, hemp farmers, lab technicians, patients, athletes and animals that have enabled BergBlüten AG to pursue its mission.

BergBlüten is currently organized into three brands, enabling the production and sale of specially produced, organic Swiss CBD products for humans and animals.

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In-house production - a strong partner on the way to high-quality CBD oil

…which started with us wanting to make our own CBD extract that would bring a new level of quality to CBD products on the market. For the development of our own manufacturing process, we turned to the HES-SO - Hochschule Valais, in particular to the Institute for Life Technologies located in Sion. We quickly found common ground and still work closely with the university to this day. We will be supported by Prof. Dr. Umberto Piantini, head of the analytical chemistry specialization, and his laboratory team.

Innovative technology location for a great product

Along the way, we gained a strong partner in PhytoArk, who has specialized in the core business of using natural ingredients. Everything was right from the start, because CBD is one of the phytocannabinoids and therefore part of PhytoArk's comprehensive expertise.

Research with a focus on the Alpine region

Together with Mediplant, a renowned research and development center specializing in the use of plants for medicinal purposes, we ensure a supply of high-quality plants and the optimization of extraction processes.

Other important partners from our network who contribute to our BergBlüten quality!

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