CBD als Unterstützer für reine Haut?


Impure skin is not uncommon. Self-confidence can suffer and unpleasant pain can arise. In many cases, people with impure skin have already tried various methods that promise clearer skin. Those affected often give up after a handful of products at the latest, some of which may also be very aggressive to the skin. Can CBD be helpful as a clear skin supporter?

our skin

The skin is the largest human organ. It protects us via the so-called skin barrier against numerous environmental influences such as cold, heat, dirt, UV radiation, germs and many other stresses. It is divided into the upper skin (epidermis), leather skin (dermis, corium) and the subcutaneous fatty tissue (subcutis).

Healthy skin shields us from external environmental influences, regulates our temperature, absorbs important substances and excretes metabolic products. However, skin problems make it difficult for them to carry out these tasks. With the right care, we can make a significant contribution to restoring the natural protective barrier and bringing our skin into balance. Therefore, the right care program for our skin, especially for our face, is of great importance. One possibility is the use of CBD and cosmetic products.

Why is general facial care so important?

Today, the facial skin is quickly affected by numerous factors. Pollution, harmful environmental influences, diet and stress can severely affect human skin. In addition, the skin changes over the course of life. The cell renewal of the skin cells slows down and less collagen and hyaluronic acid are produced, which ensures that the first signs of aging become visible from the age of 30. The elasticity also decreases and the skin tends to dry out more quickly.

So there are hardly any people who are not confronted with skin problems over time. Regular facial care can help to help the skin regain its balance. Nevertheless, less is more. It is just as important to respond to the individual needs of the facial skin and to take care of it own complexion vote. This can change over time and should therefore be checked regularly.

Normal skin

With normal skin, the production of sebum (fat) and the water balance are balanced. The skin barrier is completely intact and all processes are carried out optimally. The complexion is rosy and soft and skin blemishes are rare. However, “normal skin” rarely occurs in many adults today. This can be recognized by the following characteristics:

  • clear complexion
  • even complexion
  • high elasticity
  • rosy-tender complexion
  • hardly any wrinkling

Oily skin

In the case of oily skin, the cause lies in an overproduction of sebum. Here, too, the acid mantle is disturbed so that the natural barrier no longer offers sufficient protection and germs have free rein. Oily skin tends to develop blemishes with pimples and blackheads as the pores become clogged. Here, too, those affected must ensure that their facial skin is adequately cared for. These points speak for oily or greasy skin:

  • oily feeling
  • clearly visible pores
  • shine
  • imperfections

Tip: Mountain Blossoms CBD Products can help regulate redness and excessive sebum production. CBD cosmetics enriched with other natural and caring ingredients such as aloe vera, almond oil or calendula can also be helpful.

Dry skin

With dry skin, sebum production is slowed down. The sebum forms the natural acid mantle that is responsible for the skin's pH value of 5.5, so that the skin does not lose excessive moisture and is protected. Dry skin is therefore usually associated with a disturbed skin barrier. Here, the support of the facial skin with creams and, for example, CBD is particularly essential to help the body build it up again. Dry skin is noticeable through the following properties:

  • rough skin surfaces
  • itching
  • dull complexion
  • barely visible pores
  • shed
  • feeling of tension
  • sensitivity
  • eczema

Tip: Skin cream in combination with a high-quality CBD product from mountain flowers or use hemp seed oil.

combination skin

Combination skin is a combination of dry and combination skin. This complexion is easily recognizable by a greasy T-zone and dry cheeks. This means that on the one hand too much sebum is produced on the forehead, nose and chin (T-zone) and on the other hand too little sebum is produced in the cheek area. The skin's own fats and moisture are missing here. Combination skin is therefore more demanding when it comes to the right care products. Many users with combination skin have had positive experiences with the use of CBD cosmetics such as creams or oils for external use.

T zone:

  • imperfections
  • shine
  • large pores


  • rough skin surface
  • feeling of tension
  • shed
  • itching
  • dull complexion
  • small pores

If you have problems determining your skin type, it is recommended that you contact an expert and have your skin type analyzed professionally.

A care guide for facial skin

When it comes to choosing the right care product, it must be made with regard to the complexion of the skin. Only skin-type-appropriate care can give the skin exactly what it really needs. In general, a minimalist use of care products for the face is ideal. Especially in the evening, appropriate helpers should not be left out. In addition to a cleansing product such as cleansing milk or cleansing cream, a facial tonic should be used that neutralizes the pH value and moisturizes the skin.

Why is skin care in the evening so important? During the day, dust, sweat and other components accumulate on the skin that must be removed. Make-up should never be left on your face overnight. A cream with or without CBD can only work if the skin is well cleaned.

After cleaning, the face cream can be applied. A hazelnut-sized portion is sufficient. From the mid-20s, additional care is recommended for the eye area. The skin area here is significantly thinner and more sensitive, which means that it has a higher care requirement. In addition, the explicit support prevents the first wrinkles. The cream does not necessarily have to be a special product. A CBD cream can also be tapped into the skin around and under the eyes. For intensive care of the sensitive skin around the eyes, an oil-based CBD care product is a good choice. In the morning it is enough to cleanse the face with water and then apply a face cream.

What can a CBD cream do for me?

CBD docks onto the CB-1 and CB-2 receptors of the endocannabinoid system and, according to initial research results, is said to support and balance numerous functions. The receptors are located in our body, but also in our skin cells. Various users of CBD creams also report a calming effect on the skin and a reduction in redness and irritation.

CBD cosmetics certainly have great potential both in daily care and in certain skin problems. This makes CBD a real all-rounder. So if you have problems with your skin, you should first find out your skin type and possibly try a first cleansing regimen with CBD. We wish everyone who takes this step every success!