CBD bei Erkrankungen des Pferdes


As the saying goes: “Happiness on this earth is on horseback”. And indeed, working with horses is a very gratifying activity. But horses are also – as is well known – very susceptible to joint and muscle aches and pains. In addition, also for diseases such as arthritis. Digestive problems are also not uncommon. In addition, many horses are very erratic in their behavior, largely due to nervousness and/or fear. But horses are primarily mammals and have an endocannabinoid system. As you may already know, cannabidiol (CBD) has been proven to help very well against all of the health problems or diseases mentioned above. So let's take a closer look at how CBD can help your horse.

Horses are prone to joint and muscle problems

We mention horses far too little. Yes, honestly! That's entirely on our cap. This is a waste in two ways:

  1. Horses are great animals and more posts about horses are a must.
  2. In order to carry the luck of the earth on their backs, horses should be healthy.

Especially at the 2nd point we come into close contact with horses. Because CBD helps horses just as effectively as it does dogs and cats. Horses in particular are very susceptible to health problems and, according to veterinarians, almost all horses from a certain age suffer from some unwanted symptoms. Above all - but not exclusively - the following should be mentioned here:

  • arthritis
  • Atypical eating behavior
  • inflammation
  • epilepsy
  • infections
  • Cancer
  • muscle discomfort
  • Nervous restlessness

None of us wants to see even one of these complaints or illnesses in our horse. And if an illness does occur, then of course you want your horse to get better soon. Well, we cannot guarantee lightning or miracle cures. On the contrary: CBD hemp oil is a natural alternative or addition to conventional treatments. It takes a little time for the full effect to unfold. In addition, CBD cannot suddenly make the incurable curable. But what CBD can do in any case is to unleash its enormous healing potential to improve your horse's overall health.

CBD for horse diseases

Arthritis is not an uncommon problem in horses. This is also understandable as horses tend to have a rather large body for the legs that have to support that body. In particular, the unequal weight distribution on the front hooves often leads – sooner or later – to joint and muscle problems or even chronic diseases. The front hooves are therefore considered to be particularly susceptible to sprains or even fractures. CBD has a proven positive effect on arthritis. The extract from the hemp plant has a pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory effect and protects the nervous system in the body. In addition, CBD stabilizes the immune system, which is often overloaded with arthritis due to the symptoms that occur. Laminitis should also be mentioned at this point. This is a very painful condition that can paralyze or even kill horses. Based on testimonials from many horse owners, very good results have been achieved in the treatment of laminitis by administering CBD.

Anxiety is a common problem in horses

Horses are naturally erratic in their behavior. In addition, horses don't really like noise or quick movements around them. Just like in dogs, for example, CBD can also help horses to mitigate these fear reactions (which can result in flight or fighting). You know horses with eye patches, don't you? These eye patches are also used, among other things, to ensure that horses are not so afraid. But these things deprive the animals of their natural vision. According to reports from horse owners, CBD can so effectively relax and calm the nervous system of the horse that sometimes no eye patches have to be used at all. And with little to no side effects! Successes have also been achieved with the so-called “head-shaking syndrome” by administering CBD. In the syndrome, affected horses uncontrollably yank their own heads up. The cause? stress and nervousness. CBD primarily has a – noticeably – calming and relaxing effect. This has led to tremendous improvements in the behavior of many owners of horses with "Head Shaking Syndrome".

Horses and their digestive disorders

Gastrointestinal problems are also not uncommon in horses. According to veterinarians, horses generally do not have very good digestion. Intestinal health is also more in the lower range. There are mostly dietary supplements and other pills that promise quick and lasting help. Some of these funds are already administered to the pony. These supplements cost a lot of money, and their often synthetic nature makes them inferior to natural alternatives. CBD has been shown to replace the use of pills and other supplements. In addition to poor digestion and intestinal health, many horses also experience serious problems. Flatulence, heartburn, serious indigestion, colic or stomach ulcers. CBD cannot turn bad digestion into good ones or make stomach ulcers magically disappear. But cannabidiol has been shown to help reduce inflammation in the digestive tract and also help neutralize acids.


Cannabidiol is a natural extract from the hemp plant. Unlike THC, CBD is not psychoactive. As explained in the article, CBD can help with many common problems typical of horses. As usual, prior consultation with the veterinarian is advisable. Also, prescribed medication should never simply be discontinued and replaced with CBD. Your vet certainly had a valid reason for prescribing the medication. It is also important to pay attention to any interactions. The bottom line is that CBD is a natural alternative and/or addition to conventional medicines. In humans and also in animals. And it doesn't matter whether you give the extract to your dog, cat or horse. Although, there is of course a difference: horses are of course much heavier than dogs or cats.