The BergBlüten Year in Review 2022

A year counts 365 days. 365 days when you can make a difference. 365 days to work on yourself and grow. Days to use to move forward and improve. We at BergBlüten AG have also experienced a lot in the last 365 days. It is with great pleasure that we present: Our BergBlüten annual review 2022.

As early as spring of this year, we at BergBlüten AG carried out a SHARE CAPITAL INCREASE in order to increase the company's equity. The share capital increase was used to secure important strategic partnerships. By working with renowned partners such as scott blakey, better known as Shanti Baba, we have been able to strengthen our competitiveness and open up new business opportunities.

Another positive event was the launch of our first specific women's product, KRAFTTAGE . Krafttage is a soothing massage oil. It was developed by women for women. We made a conscious decision to produce and launch a product specifically for women, as we believe that women often receive too little attention and support in today's society. During a menstrual cycle, women go through different phases. Some days your body and mind need more support than others. During menstruation or menopause, Krafttage is there for women to give them peace and strength, to celebrate femininity and to focus on women's individual strengths.

A highlight of 2022 was the APERTA. Together with our team and many BergBlüten fans, we were able to open and inaugurate our new BergBlüten manufactory. With this state-of-the-art facility, we have taken a step towards the future. With the new short-path distillation system, we were able to greatly improve the quality of our products. In this way we are able to guarantee a higher quality, which is noticeable in the taste and, above all, in the effectiveness. Our own production facility gives us the opportunity to produce top quality CBD products, completely autonomously. Thanks to analyzes of, for example, our CBD oil BergBlüten Ursprung, we can use the knowledge gained to constantly improve our products and meet the high quality requirements of our customers.

We at BergBlüten AG are satisfied with the upcoming harvest in October. We were spared hail and other unpredictable weather. A lot of flowers with many valuable cannabinoids could be harvested, so that we can produce enough products in 2022. Nevertheless, CEO Andreas Franzi is hoping for a slightly nicer and sunnier autumn next year than in 2023.
The portfolio of the HANFPFOTEN brand was also expanded in 2022: In September we launched a new organic hemp seed oil for four-legged friends. In addition, we have understood through the Hanfpfoten brand that it is of immense importance to be in CONTACT with customers. We often spoke to veterinarians and found that not all customers fully understand our products. We were aware that we must actively seek dialogue and made many visits to support our customers and clear up any ambiguities. It was important that we have strengthened our brand with additional resources and continue to provide resources in the future so that we can maintain our market position. We continue to work closely with customers to understand and meet their needs. The user experience for our customers was additionally strengthened with the introduction of our NEW WEBSITE.

Since December you can find three new weed and two new hash products from the ZUYA brand in our shop. Over a thousand years ago, indigenous peoples in North America smoked a sophisticated mixture of different herbs together. This moment was usually a special one that was celebrated with friends and acquaintances. With the new products, we are pursuing the philosophy of enjoying important moments with friends and acquaintances and letting time stand still for a moment. We have launched a dedicated landing page for these products, on which the products and the philosophy behind the products are presented.

We have not only accelerated in product development this year. In 2022 we were part of various EXHIBITOR FAIRS. Exciting discussions were held and interesting questions answered. We have exhibited our products at various regional trade fairs, such as the Vifra in Visp or the LUGA in Lucerne. But we didn't shy away from leaving our familiar territory. For example, we were also exhibitors at the Frankfurt Trade Fair in Germany. We didn't have a stand at the Cannatrade in Bern, but people still visited the fair. We visited the exhibition as a whole team to strengthen team building and to take a closer look at our competitors. We have also increased our presence through various regional newspaper articles. The regional newspapers "Walliser Bote", "Südostschweiz" and "Fridolin" have published newspaper articles about us.

2022 was an eventful, exciting and instructive year for us at BergBlüten AG. At the end of the year in review 2022, a few personal words from CEO Andreas Franzi: "I would like to thank all BergBlüten fans for the trust they have shown. I would also like to thank our team, who have always worked on our mission to make the significant, natural potential and diverse uses of the traditional medicinal plant cannabis accessible to all people and animals. I wish everyone a relaxed and calm end of the year and hope that you can tackle the new year with a lot of strength and vigour.»