Erfahrungen mit CBD-Öl bei Hunden


What can CBD oil do for dogs? When our fur nose is doing well, we are doing well too. But digestive problems, the first signs of aging or a physical limitation can quickly impair the vitality of the four-legged friend. In acute illnesses, going to the vet is essential. He makes a precise diagnosis and can initiate appropriate therapeutic measures. In addition, however, more and more dog owners are looking for alternative and natural means in everyday life to restore, support and preventively protect the well-being of their pet. Many experiences have shown that CBD oil for dogs can have positive effects on the health of four-legged friends. Like all other mammals, dogs also have the endocannabinoid system, which is suspected to be the starting point for the effects of CBD.

What must be considered when giving CBD oil to dogs, what can the drops do and what experiences have CBD oil users had with their dogs? You can find out all of this in the following article.

CBD oil for dogs - what should you pay attention to?

Because humans have more body mass compared to a dog, the concentration of CBD is 1-2% lower and should be adjusted accordingly for the different breed sizes. Special CBD oils for dogs are therefore based on individual needs. In addition, the CBD oil should be a full-spectrum oil. Unlike cats, dogs can also easily utilize terpenes. Dog owners have had the best experiences with a full-spectrum CBD oil. However, this is only possible if the CBD oil is extracted from organically certified hemp in several steps in a complex process and then activated by a perfectly balanced supply of heat, so that all the valuable ingredients are preserved and are available to the dog. Here at Hanfpfoten we have already done pioneering work and with our 3-mountain process we can guarantee exactly this high quality of CBD oil for dogs.

In addition to the quality, the right dosage is also important for the effect. This is confirmed by experience with CBD oil in dogs. It applies slowly to the so-called sweet spot to grope. In principle, CBD has no serious side effects in the event of an overdose. However, it can make your dog tired and cause a loss of appetite. Experience has shown that the right setting of CBD oil in the dog is found when the corresponding effect begins and noticeably increases the well-being of the animal. There is no blanket intake recommendation, as each dog has individual needs.

So that you have a good orientation right from the start, you will find the practical one with us CBD calculator , which, according to experience, makes the dosage of CBD oil for your dog much easier. Start here with the lowest dosage and slowly increase to the optimum.

Like cats and humans, CBD for dogs does not have any intoxicating or psychoactive effects.

This is a real treat for the four-legged friends Hemp paws Dogs Carlos Choice , which we have developed based exactly on the taste of dogs. The 5% CBD full-spectrum extract is not dissolved in a high-quality hemp oil as is usually the case, but is presented in a premium quality cod liver oil that is delicious for dogs. According to experience, dogs particularly like the aroma of CBD oil, so giving it directly into the mouth or eating it is unproblematic.

What positive effects can CBD oil have on dogs?

As already briefly mentioned, dogs also have the so-called endocannabinoid system. As part of the nervous system, this is suspected of being able to regulate the organism. Humans and dogs are able to produce small amounts of endogenous endocannabinoids that dock to the CB1 and CB2 receptors of the endocannabinoid system. Since CBD is very similar to this, the CBD from the oil for dogs can also be absorbed here and, according to initial assumptions, have a positive effect on the immune system and central nervous system. Among other things, the perception of pain and feelings are mentioned here, but also mobility.

Therapeutic experience with CBD oil for dogs has already been gained in exercise therapy, such as that in the Kynofit physiotherapy practice:

«CBD oil is used in low doses to increase vitality and promote overall health in healthy dogs that are active in sports or exercise training in water. When owners come to us, however, something is amiss. Inflammatory joint problems, arthritic joints, problems before or after surgery, muscle tension or general age-related problems are the most common reasons. Here, CBD oil is used as an accompanying measure for exercise therapy and is intended to restore health.»

Many of our customers' experiences show that CBD oil has a positive effect on joint diseases in dogs.

Due to the reputed balancing effect, CBD oil can provide relief for dogs in stressful situations. There are many positive experiences in which CBD oil in dogs as a preventive measure, such as before New Year's Eve, provided more relaxation.

In addition, our customers keep sharing the following experiences with CBD oil and their dog:

  • improved vitality
  • healthy coat and skin
  • more serenity, even in stressful situations such as noisy surroundings or being alone
  • healthy appetite
  • less pain
  • Relief of diseases of the joints and bones
  • fewer signs of aging
  • good digestion

Furthermore, CBD oil for dogs is suspected of strengthening the immune and nervous systems and stimulating the gastrointestinal tract. It should also be able to activate the natural self-healing powers.

What other experiences have users had with CBD oil for dogs?

To give you an impression of what other experiences dog owners have had with CBD oil, we present some examples below:

«Vet dog Toby has recently been given hemp drops for dogs (in addition to classic painkillers) for his osteoarthritis in his elbows and knees. Since then he's been a lot happier and limps less." – Tamara, practice Dr. Theus

«I treat my 12-year-old dog Nena with CBD hemp oil for her pain caused by osteoarthritis and can only recommend it. Her gait has improved and the walks together have turned from a worry-filled trip into mutual pleasure for me. » – jacky

«My pit bull poodle mix Weiwii suffered from several problems. 14 years and with it age problems, arthrosis, the intervertebral disc and not too little pain. Hemppaws CDB helped Weiwii to bear the pain better and led to vitality that she had never imagined. »

Two particularly nice experiences with CBD oil in dogs:

Pug Spiky has been getting CBD oil from Hemppaws for many years. The 13-year-old pug is still really fit and agile despite his age and initial physical complaints. «Every morning he is already waiting for his CBD oil drops. I'm sure he knows it's good for him." reports Spiky's owner.

Bernese mountain dog Gandhi has become much calmer since he was given CBD oil from hemp paws for dogs and has been treated with the natural remedy every day since he was 2 years old . "It's a real gift. I can only recommend it to everyone » , is the recommendation of Gandhi's owner after the experience with the CBD oil for dogs.

Highest quality CBD oils for dogs with hemp paws

We have been making safe, potent, and effective CBD oil for humans and pets for many years. CBD oil for dogs is a first-class quality product for us and shows itself with a sophisticated production and recipe that we have developed in cooperation with animal veterinary experts. As one of the leading producers on the market, we carry out all the steps in the value chain ourselves. From cuttings to cultivation and harvesting to extraction, bottling and control, we offer you and your four-legged friend a CBD oil from a single source. We don't compromise on this, which is proven by the experiences of our customers with CBD oil for dogs.

Perhaps you have already gained experience with CBD oil for dogs or would you like some advice? Please feel free to get in touch with us.