Hotel Zugertor

Hotel Zugertor - Tradition trifft Moderne

Tradition meets modernity

Hotel Zug Gate

This traditional Hotel Zugertor with modern facilities is located in the middle of the easy-going city of Zug, a little town right on the lake - because comfort goes with tradition.

Be warmly welcomed…

Everyone is welcome in this hotel. Whether alone, with a dog, as a couple, families, moped groups or other constellations. You will definitely find a warm-hearted hotel with comfortable and spacious rooms and a place where hospitality is a priority.

“Dogs are not only allowed in our hotel, they are expressly welcome!
By the way: In the canton of Zug there is no leash obligation.”

By the way!

The Hotel Zugertor has put together exciting packages for its guests. For example, there is a casual flat rate for dog owners - have a look! With welcome goodies for people and animals, a hiking map, a “Zug Card” and much more. Incidentally, the city of Zug also has laid-back parks and access to the lake especially for dogs. By the way , they stay for free in the Hotel Zugertor .

This hotel also has the Lokal 97 – a casual restaurant with a bar.

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