Muskelschmerzen mit CBD lindern?


Pain in the muscles is very uncomfortable. We usually know them as so-called sore muscles, but they can also take a chronic course. Behind muscle pain is usually overexertion of the body or poor posture. Rarely is an illness behind it. Chronic muscle pain (often all over the body) is called myalgia . Today it is one of the widespread diseases and is often the cause of worker absences. Unfortunately, the diagnosis is not so easy to make, because the causes are not precisely defined and show up individually. The symptoms range from unpleasant but harmless tension or sore muscles to strains or bruises. In addition to the one-sided stress, sport is one of the main triggers. We then looked at muscle pain. Can you relieve muscle pain with CBD?

What is muscle pain?

As a professional and amateur athlete, you will certainly have encountered sore muscles more than once. Just like tension, strains and injuries to the muscles, this is counted among the muscle pains that usually occur in the back, shoulder and neck. Typical causes of local pain are Poor posture, for example at work , an unhealthy sleeping position and excessive strain due to one-sided movements. There are around 650 muscles in the human body that can be affected by muscle pain. They can spread to the entire body or be limited to a local area. This is usually due to a lack of oxygen and an increased release of inflammatory substances. Muscle pain manifests itself in the form of a stabbing, pulling, burning, oppressive or cramping pain that occurs relatively suddenly.

What are the causes of muscle pain?

As already mentioned, muscle pain usually occurs as a result of improper strain, overexertion or after an injury. In addition to muscle soreness or muscle cramps, which can be traced back to a magnesium deficiency, muscle pain in the form of muscle bruises or strains as well as muscle fiber tears or complete muscle tears often occur in sports. Therefore, a comprehensive warm-up phase is necessary before sporting activities. While harmless sore muscles often appear all over the body and disappear by themselves after a few days, a pulled or bruised muscle manifests itself with pain when moving. On the other hand, when a muscle fiber tear or tear occurs, there is a stabbing pain and there is often a bruise at the site. In both cases, treatment should be carried out by a sports medicine specialist.

Anyone who sits a lot or travels in the car for work knows muscle pain primarily as tension that is triggered by poor posture, a lack of exercise and a cramped body position. If this is the case over the long term, the tension that restricts blood flow in the muscle fibers can lead to muscle hardening, which is characterized by inflammatory processes in the muscle fibers. However, these types of muscle pain subside quickly with good care.

Chronic myalgia, on the other hand, refers to a misalignment of the skeleton. Due to these misalignments of bones and joints, muscles throughout the body are under considerable strain and only orthopedic treatment of the root cause can alleviate muscle pain.

How is muscle pain treated?

Treating muscle pain depends on the cause. In addition, the treatment is based on whether the muscle pain is acute or chronic. Tension or hardening can be treated well with heat or massage, for example. On the other hand, in the case of an acute muscle injury, the affected muscle should be cooled. Rest and relaxation are also important here. In addition to massage, the following methods also help with chronic muscle pain:

  • physical therapy
  • acupuncture
  • electrotherapy
  • neural therapy
  • stress management
  • relaxation training
  • ergonomic workplace
  • regular exercise

How CBD can help with muscle pain

Another way to alleviate muscle pain is to use CBD oil . The herbal remedy is said to have pain-relieving, relaxing and anti-inflammatory effects. Many users have already reported to us about positive experiences after muscle complaints, such as pain after sporting overload, and after injuries.

Every mammal has what is known as the endocannabinoid system. The CB1 and CB2 receptors are also found here. The CBD docks onto these and can have a regulating, regenerating and harmonizing influence on our nervous and immune systems, according to the first assumptions based on some research and study results. This includes the perception of pain. Some scientists assume that the transmission of pain is inhibited. The muscles should also benefit from the stress reduction that CDB oil should also bring with it and could therefore also be used prophylactically.

Individual studies confirm the possible effect of CBD on muscle pain. However, since extensive data are still missing, there are currently no reliable statements. Many athletes and professional athletes are already using CBD to regenerate faster and better and to protect themselves from muscle pain. One more reason to try it out for yourself, because Mother Earth still provides the best support for us.