Rundweg Zizerser Weiher


Walk to the Zizerser Weiher - with Goro

  • Start and end: Zizers – Zizerser Weiher
  • Duration: 45 mins
  • Difficulty level: Light

Zizers in the canton of Graubünden

Straight ahead in the direction of the pond, along the Rhine

Only a few meters from the railway track, along the tar road, a gravel path soon follows, which first leads to the Rhine and then follows it towards the pond.

Adventure secret path

On the straight along the Rhine you can already see the large pond. Shortly thereafter, a secret path follows on your left, which leads you down to the water. Slightly better shoes are recommended for a walk to the Zizerser Weiher. Mud is guaranteed in any case, but sometimes there is also a lot of water, so that passing the secret path is not possible.

You can also continue straight ahead until you reach the junction and then follow the path to the left, which will automatically lead you to the Zizerser Weiher. Without a dirt track and a mass of mud.

A good way to cool off in summer – adventurous in winter

The way to the pond is exciting for dogs when something adventure follows. Discover the pond - You can walk around at least half of it and carefully discover the animal world. In particular, you will find frogs and insects such as dragonflies.

Along the gravel path you will automatically find your way back to the Zizers industry. There are some cyclists and many pedestrians, especially on Sundays. We recommend this leisurely round with a lot of fun anyway. Let us know how it was.