Tagesablauf mit Hund - Entspannt im Alltag


Would you have thought that your dog needs around 18-20 hours of rest a day? At least according to his completely natural rhythm of life. This leaves almost four to five hours in which you can Daily routine with a dog can design. Dogs also need routines that provide security and structure. At the same time, this does not mean that in your daily routine with your dog, month after month, you everyday routine have to unwind. It is just as important to bring variety into your dog's everyday life, such as going for a walk or discovering new walks. exciting tasks, new charms and impressions train your thinking skills, provide a breath of fresh air and guarantee a lot of fun. The same goes for the Meals , as long as your dog is not very sensitive. Offer various variations of the main meals or reward your four-legged friend with new snacks. How about a wellness day for your dog every now and then, away from everyday life? There are many ways you can go about your normal daily routine break through can.

A good daily routine with a dog depends on the mix between routine and variety. What does everyday life with a dog really look like and how can you shape it?

The morning in everyday life with a dog

When planning your daily routine with your dog, you should plan for it to start after you get up natural needs must comply. Like us humans, he has to go to the toilet when he wakes up. The daily routine with the dog therefore usually begins with a short walk. Depending on the movement requirements of your dog, this can be around 30-45 minutes last. When you get back home, your stomach may not only be growling, but also your furry friend's. If you feed twice a day, now is the time for breakfast. In connection to every meal should a dog rest in its natural daily routine. This is particularly important to prevent torsion of the stomach. Running around and playing with a full stomach increases the risk. Nevertheless, such an emergency cannot be completely ruled out. To date, the causes have not been clarified. are often affected big breeds such as Saint Bernards, Rottweilers or German Shepherds.

The morning and noon in everyday life with a dog

When it comes to your daily routine with your dog, you should bear in mind that the dog – usually at lunchtime – has the need to detach itself. If you are employed, it makes sense to have a dog in your daily routine, one dog sitter to hire someone to go for a walk if you can't make it yourself during the lunch break. It is ideal to have a few small ones game or training sessions into your daily routine with your dog so that it is stimulated both physically and mentally. Always remember to check the water bowl and refill it if necessary. In the further course of the day with the dog, there is another extensive phase of the rest .

The afternoon in everyday life with the dog

In the daily routine with a dog, you take more time for one in the afternoon extensive walk around and incorporate exercises and exciting games. Ideally, you create a varied combination of fun, training and a relaxed walk. You may also meet other dogs or visit one dog run . It is important that you take individual factors into account, depending on the breed, and that you choose the right amount according to your dog's condition on the day movement and utilization find in the daily routine with a dog. The afternoon walk should last an average of one to two hours. Of course, depending on everyday events, appointments and the condition of your dog, the walk can sometimes be shorter or longer. Forests, meadows or field paths are particularly well suited for the adventure walk . These places and environments help you to detach your thoughts from everyday life and you can switch off in nature.

When you get home, it's a good time for the second feeding and another rest phase in the daily routine with the dog.

The evening in everyday life with the dog

Before you go to bed, there is still a short round with your dog so that he can loosen himself up for the last time. The evening walk should be calm to make it easier to fall asleep. Depending on where the dog spends his night, your dog now goes to sleep in everyday life. If your dog finds it difficult to switch off during this phase of the day, a natural and herbal extract How CBD oil supportive help.

At the weekend, the daily routine with a dog can look a little different. How about a adventure hike or a trip to the nearest lake? The time together strengthens your connection to each other and you and your dog can really switch off from everyday life.

The important thing is: Every day with a dog is different and individual. What should not be underestimated, however, is that in everyday life enough time must take for his four-legged friend. If you can't do that, it's better to wait a little longer before planning your daily routine with your dog.

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