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Calculate the ideal dosage with our specially developed hemp paw calculator.

After the calculation, you will be shown the lowest value as the minimum amount, an average value and the maximum value of a whole daily dose, which you should spread over 3 to 5 times throughout the day. You start with the CBD oil dosage with the minimum amount and can increase step by step. It means observing carefully. How is your animal behaving? Does it seem fitter, more agile, more relaxed and more agile? Then you have found the ideal CBD oil dosage. However, always remember “less is more”. If you need support with the CBD oil dosage, we are always there for you and will advise you comprehensively. Get in touch with us right away.

CBD oil dosage

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We keep getting the question: "What is the CBD oil dosage for my pet?". If you have decided to give CBD oil and receive your delivery, you naturally want to start supporting your furry friend's health right away. The right CBD dosage is important because this directly determines how effective the product is. Unlike medication from your vet, there is no blanket recommendation for CBD oil dosage. Every animal is different and the CBD dosage is just as different. Both a dose that is too low and a dose that is too high often have no effect. But don't worry, with us and our CBD calculator you will find the ideal CBD oil dosage, also known as the sweet spot. Although Harvard student Roger Adams succeeded in extracting CBD from the plant in 1940, the CBD effect initially remained unknown. It was not until 1964 that the Israeli scientist Dr. Raphael Mechoulam once again succeeded in isolating the active ingredient, hemp and thus the CBD effect regained interest. There was a great deal of research and study over the next few years, until a breakthrough came in the 1990s: the discovery of the endocannabinoid system (ECS). These factors are important when it comes to CBD oil dosage The CBD oil dosage depends on a variety of individual factors such as age, height, weight, illnesses and medication. This shows that every animal with its own characteristics requires a different CBD dosage. Therefore, in the first step, together with renowned veterinarians, we made sure that we developed different CBD oils that are aimed at different animal species with different needs. You then calculate the individualized CBD oil dosage using the CBD calculator. The new hemp paw calculator In this blog post, we present our new hemp paw calculator. Here you can find out why we decided on our own solution and what advantages you can now benefit from with the CBD calculator.

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With the hemp paw CBD calculator for the ideal CBD dosage
We know how difficult CBD dosing can be, especially for beginners. That's why we've developed a CBD calculator that can help you find an initial guideline and starting value for your animal, which you can use to gradually approach the sweet spot. The sweet spot is the ideal amount of CBD oil dosage.

We get the basis for the calculation from a huge database that guarantees you reliable values. In addition to the type of animal and the weight, possible special complaints are included in the calculation. Then enter the content and CBD content in the free fields. This allows you to use the CBD calculator for CBD dosage for hemp paw products as well as for other CBD oils. Once you have finished entering the data, the daily dose will be displayed in three dose levels.

Watch your loved one closely & keep a diary

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The correct use and dosage of CBD oils in animals is individual and depends on many different factors such as body weight, symptoms, age, etc. Please note that CBD oil is not a medicine. If you already give your pet medication, discuss your intent to use CBD oil with your veterinarian. Keeping a diary is particularly useful for finding the sweet spot, i.e. the right CBD oil dosage for your pet. You document the dosage and your observations. The hemp paw diary is pre-structured, so it will be easier for you to write down your observations. Journaling is great support to find the sweet spot for your pet! Through journaling you increase the observation of others every day and you are even closer to your animal. You observe his body and his behavior more consciously. You recognize changes and learn more about your animal and its possibilities. And let me tell you: «Less is often more!» Download the diary right now! Your diary is ready for your very personal observations and experiences with Hemppaw CBD Oil!

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