CBD quality - BergBlüten is a master!

BergBlüten AG has stood for high-quality CBD oil for two- and four-legged friends for many years. Not without reason, because we have the highest requirements for CBD quality. In order for us to be able to guarantee this, many steps are necessary. Above all, the decision to take the processes of a complete value chain into your own hands. To ensure that our CBD exceeds the quality standards, we have developed our 3-mountain process for gentle extraction, concentration and activation together with our renowned partners such as the HES-SO - Hochschule Valais and Mediplant. This creates a CBD full-spectrum oil that still has all the important ingredients. Highest CBD quality for the highest demands.

Ernte Hanfpflanzen

Swiss culture and our CBD quality

The hemp plant is deeply rooted in Swiss culture and its production and utilization has always been an important part of agriculture. Thanks to years of experience in cultivation, care, harvesting and processing, we have a particularly large wealth of knowledge about hemp. With Andreas Franzi, we have gained one of the most experienced growers for our BergBlüten team. Breeding and cultivation on our Swiss hemp fields in the mountains play a crucial role in our CBD quality. Our medicinal hemp plants thrive under the best conditions. Numerous hours of sunshine, pure spring water, fresh mountain air, fertile soil and care with purely organic fertilizers by our experts ensure the highest CBD quality right from the start.

  • Folge 1: Hanfpflanzen schneiden für CBD-Stecklinge

    episode 1
    Pruning hemp plants for CBD cuttings

  • Folge 2 -Hanfpflanzen vermehren mit dem passenden Raumklima

    Episode 2
    Hemp plants multiply with the right room climate

  • Folge 3 - Cannabis Stecklinge vorbereiten

    episode 3
    Prepare cannabis cuttings

  • Folge 4 - CBD Pflanzen auswurzeln

    Episode 4
    Root CBD plants

  • Folge 5 - Hanfpflanzen umtopfen

    episode 5
    Repot hemp plants

  • Folge 6 - Anbau von CBD Pflanzen

    episode 6
    Cultivation of CBD plants

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From the harvest to the highest quality CBD extract

After the hand-picked harvest, the flowers go through the 3-mountain process, which we use to ensure the quality of the CBD. The "first peak" is the gentle extraction of the CBD and the valuable ingredients. THC is only part of it to a very small extent, since we already set the requirements for the minimum THC value during our breeding. The next step and "second peak" is the reduction to the CBD, in which our process preserves the entire profile. The "last peak" is one of the most important, because now the CBD is in an inactive form. Through the activation we gain the high quality of the CBD extract, which continues further when we finally dissolve the CBD in 100% organic and cold-pressed carrier oils.

Qualitätssiegel Bergblüten

The bottling - the next step to CBD quality

As a company, we know our responsibility in the manufacture and production of CBD products. Therefore, we not only work with specialists in breeding, cultivation and processes to achieve the highest CBD quality, but also have our CBD extract tested by external bodies and, after approval, bottled in laboratories according to the GMP standard. Each product is labeled and its manufacturing process is fully documented and traceable. We comply with international requirements at every step of the way. Our Laboratory analyzes of the CBD quality can be viewed at any time. This is how we ensure 100% security for our customers.