The BergBlüten team – let us introduce ourselves

“The focus is on a safe, effective and radically natural product that supports our customers in increasing their well-being. The most comprehensive possible use of the natural potential of the hemp plant for the benefit of all is at the heart of what we do at BergBlüten. We are committed to respecting nature and acting sustainably, from cultivation in the fields to processing in our factory to distribution. BergBlüten is committed to being a sustainable producer and expert in the hemp plant.”

– Mission Mountain Blossoms

We act, live and work according to this every day at BergBlüten . Our team set out to find harmony with nature in CBD products. With a burning passion, our irrepressible urge to innovate, a creative spirit of invention, professional processing and extensive expertise, we produce local CBD oils of the highest possible quality every day. This is how we make hemp accessible to humans and animals in the form of CBD oil.

effective. secure. of course .

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The board of directors

BergBlüten and the special corporate structure

What makes our team so strong? Due to the diversity and different strengths that each employee brings, we are able to develop new solutions quickly and flexibly and to implement them directly. We have integrated an effective communication culture that allows us to work in an interdisciplinary manner without any problems. This gives us the opportunity, if necessary, to bundle all competencies in one direction in order to ensure the best result.

At the same time, we are committed to equal rights for women and men in the working world and set a good example. Creative, solution-oriented, goal-oriented and without hierarchies - these are the strengths of the BergBlüten team.

Exactly these strengths became apparent in the year of upheaval 2020. Thanks to the close cooperation of all team members, we were able to react quickly to given circumstances and set up effective remote work. We directly adapted the working model and established it in our corporate culture.

Our goal: to get better every day. Our course: positioning on the European and international market. Our foundation: the employees and the consistent team growth.

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