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BergBlüten is special

In two beautiful valleys in the Swiss Alps, the future of the cannabis industry is growing.

"We want to make the significant, natural potential and diverse uses of the traditional medicinal plant cannabis accessible to people, animals and society."

Hanfernte Trocknung

tradition and modernity

Despite the cannabis plant's history stretching back over 3000 years, we believe that the best of the cannabis industry is yet to come. This is our drive to push our limits every day, try new things and unlock the full potential of the cannabis plant. We combine the tradition of cannabis as a medicinal plant and the incredible power of innovation to make our company better and better.

Berge mit Schweiz-Fahne

Our origins

BergBlüten's journey began in 2017. After politicians legalized cannabis products with a THC content of <1% THC in 2016, BergBlüten was able to harness the incredible potential of medicinal plants that have been known for centuries. Since then we have been committed to developing the highest quality and most interesting cannabis products the market has to offer. Thanks to the cooperation with Scott Blakey alias Shanti Baba and thanks to the expertise of our managing director Andreas Franzi, we can always guarantee the best quality. Cannabis is often misused, but we're working hard to change that.

Junge Setzlinge

Continuous Improvement

We constantly question our processes in search of a better end product. Good is not good enough for us. We dare to try out innovative processes and in this way constantly optimize our quality. Mistakes are part of it, because they ultimately help BergBlüten further.

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