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For the love of animals and nature. From cultivation to your beloved four-legged friend. Safe, Effective, and Natural. Only the best for our best.

Both a dose that is too low and a dose that is too high often have no effect. That's why we created a CBD calculator.

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Dreier-Set Hanfpfoten CBD-Öle

Hanfpfoten - Animal feed supplements and topical products

From the seed to the plant, created with a lot of care and love - so that this supports our best. A heart project, especially for our animal world.

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For a very special time with our four-legged friends

  • Berghotel in Zermatt

    The best dog hotels in Switzerland

    Looking for a good dog hotel in Switzerland? The best dog hotels in Switzerland are listed here. Where people and animals are warmly welcomed. So that you and your four-legged friend can enjoy beautiful Switzerland without compromise.

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  • Hundewanderweg im Wald

    The best dog hiking trails in Switzerland

    New place, a lot on the go, a quick walk, but where? Or would you prefer a long hike through the beautiful Swiss mountains? You are in the right place. We have summarized and listed the most beautiful paths for the dog for you.

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For the hard-working helpers...

Hund mit Frauchen im Park

Is your dog on duty? Watch out!

Guide dogs for the blind, assistance dogs for people with motor disabilities, trackers, police dogs, avalanche dogs and other rescuers in need - you deserve a big thank you and a special discount.

Dogs on special operations can pick up a lifetime discount of 15% on all Hemppaw products from us - send us proof and pick up your personal discount code.

  • Goro - Hanfpfoten

    “I've tried everything to relieve Goro's stress during New Year's Eve and August 1st celebrations. We even resorted to chemical tranquilizers, but after that he was down for days. Hemp Paws is the first remedy that gently relaxes my dog with no side effects or after effects.”

  • Hund im Schnee

    Rocco - Hanfpfoten

    "Plagued by joint pain, it makes me happy to see how treatment with Hemppaw CBD oil brings Rock's urge to move back more and more." - Jan with his dog Rocco

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