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CBD production at BergBlüten –

from the cutting to the first drop

Since BergBlüten was founded in 2017, our daily goal has been to produce effective and safe full-spectrum CBD. Our mission is to make hemp available to all two- and four-legged friends in a particularly high-quality form without psychoactive components. With our CBD production we are laying the foundation for this. We have decided to carry out all production steps ourselves, from the cultivation of the medicinal hemp and the harvest to the CBD production and bottling. In addition to our extensive expertise, we have a well-founded network of partners who support us in CBD production. Together with the Valais University of Applied Sciences (HES-SO) and PhytoArk, we have developed our 3-mountain process, which allows us to produce a CBD oil of the highest purity and with all activated ingredients in CBD production.

In the midst of the beautiful hilly landscape of Switzerland, our plants enjoy numerous hours of sunshine, the clear mountain air, pure spring water and thrive on fertile soil.

Our production steps

Briefly explained for you step by step

  • Verfahren Schritt 1 - Zucht


    By working with Scott Blakey alias Shanti Baba we can draw on a large gene pool. With over 35 years of cannabis experience, Scott was one of the first to breed CBD plants. We are proud to produce its varieties exclusively in Europe.

  • Verfahren Schritt 2 - Aufzucht


    We propagate our mother plants with care every year. A few plants become fields. With our curing station, the cuttings are optimally prepared for outdoors. We also only work with organic products in rearing.

  • Verfahren Schritt 3 - Trocknen

    3 DRYING

    Drying the crop properly is as important as any other phase of the grow. If an error occurs in this process, we lose the entire harvest. Mold grows very well in damp and dark places. To avoid this, the buds must be well dried and any remaining moisture removed.

  • Verfahren Schritt 4 - Sortieren

    4 SORT

    When sorting, we divide the harvest into three different quality levels in order to then process the raw material CBD further. With us, only the flowers are extracted and manual work is required accordingly. The leaves and stems are used for other products.

The 3-mountain process as the most innovative part of the manufacturing process

As a leading company in the field of CBD products, we have developed the 3-mountain process in cooperation with renowned partners. This is how we safely produce an active full-spectrum CBD extract.

  • The first peak of the 3-mountain process - the extraction

    We break up the hemp flowers quickly and thoroughly using ultrasound to extract the CBD. THC is already contained in our plants in only a small amount. The method for CBD production of a full-spectrum extract was developed together with Professors Piantini and Grogg at the Valais University of Applied Sciences (HES-SO) at the Life Technologies Institute located in Sion.

  • The second peak of the 3-mountain method - the concentration

    Now the previously clarified raw extract is concentrated by evaporation. It depends on the exact regulation of time and temperature. We heat the extract just enough so that the liquid evaporates, but all the ingredients are retained.

  • The third peak of the 3-mountain-procedure - the activation

    What many do not know or ignore: after concentration, the CBD is in an inactive form. It must now be activated during CBD production. In this step of the 3-mountain procedure, we heat the concentration. Of course, just enough to keep the profile 100%.

  • Verfahren Schritt 6 - Analysen


    Having your own HPLC measuring device is a must so that you can understand what is happening in each step and be sure that everything is running correctly. In order to ensure constant control, we check all end patches at the certified interlaboratory in Belp.

  • Verfahren Schritt 7 - Abfüllen


    The demands on filling systems are constantly growing. Guidelines for quality assurance of the production processes and environment have top priority here. Elixan's GMP -compliant filling system ensures the corresponding product quality


CBD production and strong partners

From the very beginning, we have relied on a strong network of partners who support us in CBD production. We work together with the HES-SO University of Applied Sciences Valais and are constantly developing our CBD production together with the company PhytoArk. For many years we have been supported by Prof. Dr. Umberto Piantini, head of the analytical chemistry specialization at the HES-SO, and his laboratory team. Our partnership with the research and development center Mediplant completes our network.