Auf den Mittenberg GR


On the Mittenberg - with Goro and Nila

  • Start and end: Chur train station – Haldenhüttli
  • Duration: 2.5h
  • Difficulty level: medium - approx. 500 meters in altitude from Chur
Chur - Haldenhüttli - Mittenberg - Chur
The Mittenberg is an alp east of the city of Chur. It is idyllically situated on a terrace in a large forest clearing. On the Mittenberg you have a wonderful panoramic view of the Chur Rhine Valley, the mountains of Graubünden and far beyond. No wonder it is a popular destination for walkers, hikers, joggers and bikers. The 500 meters in altitude from the city to the Mittenberg can be easily covered on a gravel road or on numerous forest paths. A barbecue area and spring water from the well are available.

From the hut to the forest

From Chur's old town you walk in the direction of Arosa until you reach the small park with the charming Haldenhüttli. Already there you can expect a phenomenal view over the whole of Chur - but it gets even better!

Cross the road leading to Arosa onto the gravel path into the forest.

Many paths lead... to the alp!

The Mittenberg is very well labeled from the forest - there are numerous wider and narrower forest paths that lead you to the beautiful view. Therefore we refrain from a precise description. For example, you can choose a different route when descending - one goes past a hidden chapel (almost!). It is called St. Luzikapelle and can also be found on the signposts if you are nearby. Let us know if you reach them!