The history of BergBlüten AG – how it all began

BergBlüten AG, based in Susten, was founded in 2017. Much earlier, we and a broad team were researching the great potential of the hemp plant, which has been known for centuries. But it was not until 2016 that the decisive step was taken in Switzerland that paved the way for us to found BergBlüten AG: CBD products with <1% THC were legalized. Since then, the mission of BergBlüten AG has been clear. We want to produce high-quality full-spectrum CBD and thereby make the hemp plant available to all two- and four-legged friends.

Qualitäts-Auszeichnung Hanfpfoten

HANFPFOTEN - Only the best for our four-legged friends

In close communication with renowned veterinarians, various customers and because of our own love for nature and animals, it quickly became clear to us that we wanted to offer our four-legged friends the chance for more well-being and improved health. Then, in 2018, we launched our first three Classic Line CBD oils for pets , which were specially adapted for different animal species. A year later, in 2019, Hanfpfoten GmbH merged with Andreas Franzi’s Stammbaum GmbH.

In April 2020, we gradually expanded our series for furry friends to include the CBD oils BEKI'S CHOIC E and CARLOS'S CHOICE , which meet the taste of the animals with a carrier oil specially adapted to the respective animal species.

Logo Bergblüten Ursprung

BergBlüten Ursprung - Unfold and use potential

Like the HANFPFOTEN series, our BergBlüten Ursprung products have their origins in 2018. The aim for the BergBlüten Ursprung product was to produce a CBD oil that should contain the entire spectrum of the cannabis plant. In cooperation with the HES-SO (University of Valais), the first BergBlüten manufactory was created, which consisted of a warm extraction system. The first result of this warm extraction system was the natural full-spectrum CBD extract, which is the cornerstone of the CBD oil BergBlüten Ursprung. Today, several hundred BergBlüten customers with various reasons for using them trust BergBlüten Ursprung, which includes the entire spectrum of the cannabis plant.

Logo ZUYA für Sportler

ZUYA – Our first sports product is launched

In the same year as our HEMPFOTEN CBD oils for animals, we completed the development of ZUYA . Our ZUYA CBD oils have been specially adapted to the needs of athletes and high performers in everyday life. First, we launched three CBD oils in a Classic Line. At the beginning and middle of 2020, we supplemented our ZUYA products with ZUYA HERO for amateur athletes and ZUYA ZERO with 0% THC for professional athletes. With the expansion of our sports range, we also gained the Gehrig sisters as brand ambassadors, who are among the most successful enduro riders in the world.

Krafttage für Frauen

KRAFTTAGE – by women for women

A woman goes through different phases in a cycle. Some days your body and mind need more support than others. Many women sometimes find it difficult to find moments of peace and security and to clean themselves in stressful everyday life, especially during their period or menopause. KRAFTTAGE is a soothing massage oil that was specially developed by women for women in 2021. It combines high quality Swiss CBD with rich oils from the traditional lady's herbs lady's mantle, chaste tree, clary sage, lemon balm and lemon thyme.

Qualitätssiegel Bergblüten

The future of BergBlüten AG

One of our constant goals is the continuous improvement and optimization of all existing brands and products. At the same time, the company itself should grow in many areas, such as human resources, in order to ensure and continuously improve the high quality and our performance. For the year 2022, a positioning on the international market is aimed for and the presence in Europe is strengthened. Germany is the focus of expansion here.

Our brands at a glance