The BergBlüten label

Qualitätssiegel Bergblüten

What BergBlüten AG promises

  • At BergBlüten we use the powerful energy of sunlight to cultivate our plants.
  • No pesticides, insecticides or other toxins are used in our organic growing process .
  • During further processing, we ensure that our raw materials are treated as gently as possible .
  • We focus on transparency and bring the process of cannabis cultivation out of the bunker and back into nature, where it belongs.
  • BergBlüten guarantees full traceability along the entire value chain.
  • Among other things, we are fully committed to these goals and to the continuous improvement of the "BergBlüten seal of quality".
Hanfpflanze Nahaufnahme

Our vision

We want to make the significant, natural potential and diverse uses of the traditional medicinal plant cannabis accessible to people, animals and society.

Our mission

The focus is on a safe, effective and radically natural product that supports our customers in increasing their well-being. The most comprehensive possible use of the natural potential of the hemp plant for the benefit of all is at the heart of what we do at BergBlüten. We are committed to respecting nature and acting sustainably, from cultivation in the fields to processing in our factory to distribution. BergBlüten is committed to being a sustainable producer and expert in the hemp plant.


Our values

We believe in the power of nature and only use 100% natural ingredients to manufacture our products and ensure gentle processing methods.

Our wide and growing, high-quality product range supports the improvement of the well-being of humans and animals.

You can always rely on the high Swiss quality of BergBlüten products - from the plant to the drop.

We create trust in our customers and partners through transparent processes and honest communication.

With its roots in the Glarner and Valais Alps, BergBlüten builds on a strong traditional foundation for expansion into innovative markets.

Only together we are strong. BergBlüten is actively involved in expanding a multilateral network in the international hemp industry.

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