Eichhörnchenweg in Bürchen


Bürchen is a small mountain village in Valais near Visp. It is known for the beautiful view of the mountain range with one of the most underestimated mountains in Valais, "the Bietschhorn".

Bürchen offers many different sports activities in winter and in summer it is known for the beautiful hiking trails in the idyllic Moosalp region. Our main brand BergBlüten has its roots in this fairy-like, magical place.

Which is why it is not so far away that we will dedicate our first hemp paw hiking trail to Bürchen. Have fun crossing the forests of Bürchen.

Squirrel Trail in Bürchen with Oniro

  • Arrival by car: From Visp Duration: approx. 20 min
  • Arrival by public transport: From Visp train station – Bürchen Ronalp approx. 35 min
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Difficulty level: easy

Start: Sports shop Zenhaeuser / parking lot
Restaurant Ronalp

Follow the sign “Untere Hellela”.
First, you walk on a tar road
a little up.

Past chalets, stables and a small farm shop with homemade, regional products. You can help yourself there and buy something small for a picnic.

Follow the road until there is a big bend to the right with a wide natural path on the left.

There you can see a sign that says “Squirrel Trail”. Follow the arrow and then is
right in the middle, in the magical Bürchnerwald.

On the way you can even learn something about the animals in the forest. All the way to the “Lower Hellela” there are signs with information about the forest dwellers.

Keep going straight ahead until you come to a clearing that
“lower Hellela”. In the clearing, you can go straight
walk east.

Later you come to a crossroads, where you follow the signpost: “Alt-Zeneggen”. If you still have too much energy and enjoy hiking, you can discover many other hiking trails from there. There is plenty of seating along the way. These invite you to take a short break or a leisurely picnic.

Since it is a circular route, you come back to the clearing: lower Hellela. From there you can take the same route back to the starting point.