Ein Rückblick: Die Geschichte von CBD


The History of CBD

Cannabidiol, also better known as CBD, is now well known. CBD is found in the cannabis plant and has many uses. The range of CBD products is growing from year to year and the products are becoming more and more diverse.

How did this development come about?

Who discovered the different properties of CBD?

How long have people been using cannabis?

These and other questions will be answered in the following blog post.

What is Cannabidiol (CBD)?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a cannabinoid from the female hemp. Along with THC, CBD is one of 113 identified cannabinoids and, like all cannabinoids in the plant, is predominantly present as an acid.

Many promising medicinal properties are attributed to the cannabinoid CBD. We at BergBlüten also believe in the power of plants and are always trying to gain further insights.



Anyone who thinks that humans only started planting, breeding and using the cannabis plant in the last century is quite wrong.
Archaeologists have found traces of cannabis use in Egypt dating back over 3500 (!) years. Cannabis is thus one of the oldest plants cultivated by man.
Already at the time of the African conquests, the cannabis plant was used for sails and ropes of ships.
At that time, seafarers already knew that the wind at sea is unpredictable. The ropes and sails of the ships were made of 90% cannabis , since cannabis is a substance that is very resistant, which sailors also used
had knowledge.

First extraction of CBD

The first extraction of cannabinoids Unlike the discovery of the plant cannabis itself, CBD is not that long ago. In 1940, chemists at the University of Illinois succeeded in extracting CBD for the first time. This discovery of a renowned
Research group also made the extraction of the cannabinoids THC possible, which has a psychoactive effect.

Breakthrough in research on CBD

However, the breakthrough from a chemical point of view did not come until a few years later. About 25 years later, in 1964, the team led by Israeli scientist Raphael Mechoulam successfully isolated CBD for the first time.

In addition, he and his team were the first researchers ever to describe the chemical structure of CBD and to assign a chemical structure to CBD. As a result, Raphael Mechoulam is considered the "Godfather of Cannabis Research".

He was also involved in 1991 when another research group led by Willian Devane and Dr. Lumir Hanus of the Institute of Mental Health in Maryland discovered the endocannabinoid system.

 Although the history of the use of the cannabis plant goes back thousands of years, the cannabinoids and thus the various effects of the cannabis plant were only discovered 50-60 years ago.

Numerous studies already deal with the medical benefits that the cannabis plant and its cannabinoids bring . Many insights have already been gained through in-depth research . However, in order for CBD to develop its full potential and thus change the lives of humans and animals as much as possible, a lot of research is still required.

We at BergBlüten are actively involved in research ourselves and follow the latest developments with excitement. And don't worry if new developments become public, you will of course be informed directly.