Tipps für Haustierhalter


Firecrackers, rockets and other fireworks: For most of us they are entertainment. On days like the national holiday on August 1st or on New Year's Eve we meet with our loved ones, toast together and marvel at the thousands of sparks that go into the sky climb. For us humans, firecrackers, rockets and other fireworks are practically a part of days like this. For dogs, cats, livestock and wild animals, however, this is anything but a blessing. In this blog you will find out why domestic and wild animals can hardly stand fireworks or firecrackers, what they trigger in them and how you can prevent this.

Why fireworks harm domestic and wild animals

Animals, whether domestic or wild, are very sensitive to potential threats. If rockets and other Fireworks soaring into the sky, lightning, banging and thundering, this is identified by animals as a danger and perceived as life-threatening. For most dogs and cats, the loud hissing and brightly glowing rockets and other noisy things are Fireworks a real nightmare.

Fireworks mean a lot of stress for four-legged friends. The whole thing goes so far that dogs, for example, completely hyperventilate and are no longer responsive for a certain period of time or birds are completely disoriented in the air and can no longer find their way to their nest. The waste produced by the fireworks and the toxins in the air are harmful to the animals and ourselves on the one hand, and harmful to nature on the other.

The ultimate reason why pets Fireworks can't stand is: Pets like dogs and cats have a much finer and more sensitive hearing than we humans. However, four-legged friends are not only sensitive to the loud bang, but also to the flashing lights that arise when Fireworks is ignited.

On days when a lot Fireworks shot into the sky, many animals also have accidents, in which the noise and the bright flashes trigger an instinct to flee. An animal that is fleeing will almost always find an escape route. No wonder, then, that numerous pets are reported missing every year after New Year's Eve or the Swiss national holiday on August 1st.

Tips for pet owners

  • Don't leave your furry friends unattended for long. Terrified dogs should never be left alone. Close the shutters to protect your four-legged friends from the flashes of lightning that brighten every second. Set up a cozy, quiet retreat for your four-legged friends. It is best to build a cave out of cloths, pillows and sound-absorbing woolen blankets. Turn on soft lights and try to hear the popping noises from the Fireworks to cover it with soft music or a running TV.
  • Keep your pets busy. Play different little games or hide some favorite treats instead of constantly comforting your four-legged friend. That's how you distract them Fireworks and help them to better hide the stimuli from the loud cracking fireworks.

And another thing…

  • Act like everything is completely normal! Keep your cool and make your pet feel like everything is fine. So don't give him too much comfort and attention. Live your everyday life the way your four-legged friend is used to from you.

CBD against fireworks panic

In the search for ways to relieve our dear pets as much as possible on public holidays, CBD came into the focus of pet owners some time ago. In recent years, we at BergBlüten have also received a lot of positive feedback when it came to bringing dogs or cats more relaxed through holidays with CBD Fireworks is ignited. According to a hemp paw fan who has been giving his dog our CBD oil CARLO'S CHOICE on holidays for years, CBD was a very good and natural solution. His dog was himself throughout and always fully responsive. Although he noticed the fireworks, he reacted calmly and without panic to the bang fireworks . We recently uploaded a post on our social media if you are interested in this topic.

After reading this blog you now know that great fun for us humans is a huge stressful situation for domestic and wild animals. So if you not only want to give your pet, but also free-living animals a stress-free, relaxed holiday, you can do without one fireworks . With this in mind, we wish you a nice and stress-free national holiday.