Gesunder Schlaf: Mit CBD für Hunde


CBD – healthy sleep for dogs ? Have you ever watched your dog sleep? Then you've probably noticed twitching paws or eyelids or you've heard a soft whimpering, growling or snoring. Like us, our furry friends also process the many impressions of the day while they sleep. In contrast to us, a dog has a much higher need for rest and sleep. However, dogs do not always sleep. Most of the time they rest or doze. A resting phase is noticeable when your four-legged friend is wide awake immediately when something exciting happens. Deep sleep accounts for around 20% of the time. Within these, the dog recovers.

How much sleep does a dog need, why is sleep just as important for dogs as it is for us humans, can dogs also have sleep disorders and how can you support your dog's sleep ? Does CBD even help promote healthy sleep in your dog? We have investigated these interesting questions in the following article.

How much sleep does a dog need?

A dog needs around 15 to 20 hours of sleep a day. A distinction must be made between dozing and real deep sleep. The latter accounts for between 6 and 8 hours. Alternating between light and deep sleep phases is not the only thing dogs and humans have in common when they sleep. Like us, dogs have REM phases. So the sleep phase in which both you and your dog dream. This is exactly the time when the paws twitch, your dog whimpers, growls or even barks. Puppies and seniors as well as sick animals need a little more rest and sleep than a healthy, adult dog. The need for sleep can also depend on race and build. Since many dogs today have the constant urge to take part in human social life, it is important that you actively ensure that your dog has sufficient rest periods.

Why is healthy sleep so important for a dog?

A dog's body regenerates and recovers at night. He also processes the impressions of the day while he sleeps. If a dog is busy, it will quickly fall into a deep sleep phase after the activity. Just like for us, sleep and rest are vital for our four-legged friends. If a fur nose gets insufficient sleep or sleep deprivation, this can lead to increased irritability, nervousness and a lack of concentration. Massive lack of sleep weakens the immune system and makes you sick in the long run. Puppies sleep about 90% of the day. During this time, the growth of muscles, bones, nervous system and Co. takes place. The multitude of new sensory impressions is being processed in the meantime.

Can Dogs Have Sleep Disorders?

Yes, dogs can also suffer from sleep disorders or insomnia . The problem is just as burdensome for us. There are many causes of sleep disorders in dogs. Mention should be made here of age, stress, fears or changed living conditions such as moving to a new living environment. Chronic diseases such as joint pain, allergies, kidney disease or diabetes can also lead to sleep disorders. Experts even assume that some breeds suffer from sleep disorders significantly more often than others.

What does a dog need for a healthy sleep?

In order to support your dog's healthy sleep , you first need the right place where your fur nose can retreat to rest and sleep. A quiet berth is the basis. Here as little hustle and bustle, "through traffic" or other sources of disturbance as possible should keep your dog from sleeping. The hallway is therefore rather unsuitable. Ideally, you should place a comfortable dog bed where your dog feels safe and secure . Maybe that's your bedroom or living room. Avoid placing the basket in front of a heater or in a drafty area. Also make sure that the dog bed is big enough for your dog to stretch out or curl up properly.

Another option to encourage your dog's sleep is to bring in CBD oil . Many users have confirmed to us that CBD supports the healthy sleep of their fur nose. The extract is said to have a calming and relaxing effect on the nervous system. With this property, CBD is said to be able to promote healthy sleep . According to experience reports, many dog ​​owners have even been able to alleviate sleep disorders with CBD. It is important to pay attention to the dosage of CBD for healthy sleep. The CBD calculator is available to you for this purpose.

In addition, it is important that you create a regular daily routine for your dog. This also helps your dog get enough rest and sleep. Plan feeding, playtime, walks and rest periods in such a way that these are repeated every day as best as possible. Your dog knows exactly when it's time to get active and when it's time to rest.

Sleep - a complex topic , also for dogs. You can support your dog with our tips. Try what works well for you. Maybe relaxing music, cuddling or CBD for a healthy sleep.