Gletscherseeli am Klausenpass


Hike to the glacier lake - with Bruni and Peanuts

  • Start and end: Klausenpass (or alternatively the Fisetengrat, which can be reached by cable car from Urnerboden Dorf)
  • Duration: 2h
  • Difficulty level: Middle
Klausen Pass - Griesslisee - Klausen Pass

Alternative route :
Urnerboden Dorf - cable car - Fisetengrat - Griesslisee - Klausenpass - Urnerboden Dorf (there is a bus from Klausenpass to Urnerboden Dorf)

The Klausen Pass - or the way there - is an experience in itself. The mountain panorama is unbeatable - in this blog we also reveal a few insider tips for overnight stays.

You can drive up to the Klausen Pass by car - on weekends I advise you to be there before 9 a.m., after that it can be teeming with Sunday drivers and moped drivers. You will find a white sign that says “Gletscherseeli” – follow the signpost and then the given path – it is almost impossible to get lost. The path to the breathtaking Gletscherseeli begins very bumpy, but then becomes easier after the first hundred meters of altitude.

The entire path is basically easy to walk, but it can be slippery, especially after rain. We also strongly recommend staying on the given paths in this area - also down to the lake - for the love of wildlife, but also because the ground is sometimes not firm. After all, there is also some glacier around the Gletscherseeli!