Gravas Lodge Val Lumnezia

Gravas Lodge Val Lumnezia

A hotel in the sun-kissed Val Lumnezia

Hotel Gravas Lodge in Vella

Vella is the main town of the Val Lumnezia , the largest side valley of the Surselva and is enchantingly located on a gently sloping, sunlit terrace at 1250 meters above sea level. The village center is characterized by stately stone houses that go back to the ancient Graubünden noble family de Mont. The Sogn Roc chapel stands on the village square and the Mont Castle is enthroned right behind it. Away from the main road, however, the rural character is unmistakable - pleasing wooden houses alternate with old-style stables.

The Hotel Gravas is located in this original Graubünden mountain village. It is a pretty house that offers its guests a lot of peace and a good infrastructure. Just the right thing if you want to spend a few days exploring the unspoilt nature in the area, away from the hustle and bustle.

“A hotel where you feel really welcome as a dog owner.
Very warm welcome and overall the staff was very, very friendly. You felt good. The rooms were clean and geared towards the "woof".

With bike or dog through the Val Lumnezia

A breathtaking landscape, the bright blue sky and numerous hiking trails invite you to go on tours or walks through unspoilt nature. Forays through original forests and past diverse pastures. An experience for humans and animals.

In the Gravas Lodge you can count on cosy, rustic rooms that contain everything a dog and human heart desires. Including a hearty “zmorga”. The hotel also offers vegetarian and vegan options. We say – definitely worth a visit!

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