Grüeziwäg in Glarus | Wanderweg in der Schweiz


Grüeziwäg in Glarus – with Goro

  • Start and end: Glarus train station
  • Duration: 1h15
  • Difficulty level: Easy
Glarus - Ennetbühls - Ännetrösliga - Ennenda - Glarus

The Grüeziwäg in beautiful Glarnerland can be started directly from the train station. On the way you will find the Linth for drinking and small shore areas for bathing as well as two fountains and other brooks.

We start

Coming from the train station, go straight through the underpass onto the gravel path along the Linth - turn left there and walk to the bridge. Cross the bridge and follow the path until you find a set of stairs on the left - these are a bit steep, but a wonderful shortcut that also avoids the cars towards Ennetbühls.

From there you wind your way up through the quiet residential area, meet the first fountain and arrive on a gravel path. You can now follow this without any worries. Dogs can also run freely there - but you should be careful with four-legged hunters - they like to have some large and small wild animals nearby.

Always straight ahead

When you get to the first crossroads, I recommend the most beautiful path - the one that goes fairly straight ahead. That's where the real Grüeziwäg - a panorama trail - begins. There is also a wonderful view of Glarus' local mountain, the Vorderglärnisch.

We continue to follow the path straight ahead

So that the many paths do not confuse us, we always stay on the most obvious path - the straight one. So don't take any shortcuts and follow the cute walkway, along the stone wall, past a magnificent natural garden with a home for honey bees, until the main path goes slightly downhill again.

Does it go a little further or rather back towards Glarus?

At this crossing you have the possibility to start your tour with the Uschenriet weighing to extend - for this you turn left. Turn right and take a small detour via field paths back to Glarus.

There's a little stream there...

If you turned right, you will find a small stream on the right at the end of the gravel path - to cool off. The farm dog also likes to say hello here - a dark male and easy-going playmate.

You follow the path to the Äugstenbahn - shortly before this you turn left at the crossing and stay on the paved path.

Slowly going home

Now cross the small level crossing and walk straight ahead onto the gravel path, where a leash is compulsory (however, everyone tends to ignore this). Your four-legged friend can cool off here thanks to the flat banks of the Linth. Be careful though; Depending on the amount of water, the Linth has a very strong current.

Follow the gravel path until you arrive at the industrial zone.

See you soon!

Once you have crossed the industrial zone, you will see the coffee "Cornetto" - a stop for ice cream or a mechibei It is definitely worth it! Otherwise follow the path back to Glarus, which goes past the Cornetto on the left, cross the level crossing, go left over the bridge and immediately right onto the gravel path. After the underpass you are back on the path where your journey started and in a few minutes you will be back at the underpass to the train station.