Louis die Katze und der leide Krebs


Hello world, I'm Louis, a 14-year-old big Thai-Siam tomcat. I'm lying on one of mine
Favorite places in my wifey's office. Here I snore and dream while she is at her
Computer sits and writes. Best division of labor ever!
But I'm sure you want to know who this Louis is and why you're reading about him here. Well, in April
my master took me to the vet because I had diarrhea and (among other things also
as a result) suffered a blatant weight loss. The vet told my master I had one
Disease called "IBD" (Inflammatory Bowel Disease). He also has the ultrasound
saw something disturbing in the bubble. He said it could just be an infection
- or cancer.
I then received medication (including cortisone from spring to autumn) and had to in August
again to the vet. At the second ultrasound, the growth in the bladder was still there.
If it had been an infection, it would have disappeared by now, according to the vet
must. So my doc assumed it was cancer. But about that with absolute certainty
To know, he would have to operate on me and take a tissue sample from the bladder. Included
he has to be careful not to spread any cancer cells in the body during the removal.
Since I'm not the youngest anymore, my mum and dad decided to spare me that. It would be
already very exhausting for me, especially - with a positive result - the subsequent one
Coping with chemotherapy – and all that would follow…
Now I enjoy every day and frolic with my favorite toy, a green snake.
Yes, even at the age of 14 I am still very playful and typically Siamese still very affectionate
and, to put it positively, very articulate.
Ever since I was diagnosed with IBD, my mistress and dad have been cooking for me and mine
buddy Romeo himself. Every few weeks they stand in the kitchen for hours and cook for
us venison with sweet potatoes and carrots. I tell you, the whole apartment smells sooo then
subtle of meat. I love this menu and my gut loves it too. Goodbye diarrhea!
In addition to my beloved food, I get from my two-legged friends every day, divided into 4 meals,
10 drops each of full-spectrum CBD oil “Bekis Choice” from Hemppaws. And what should I say?! Dear Beki,
Thank you you super buddy, you have chosen well. This miracle oil tastes so faintly of salmon that it
doesn't bother me at all when eating. It also helps me with my hips, I like my laps a lot more
run, yes, the others have to be careful when I come rushing. With the CBD oil from
Hemp paws make me feel better and more agile - and I'm in a good mood every day.
I can't wait to see what my doc says when we come back for an ultrasound in December
go. squeeze my paws!