Rundweg Grindji Brig

Loop Grindji Brig

  • Start and end: Sebastiansplatz Brig
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Difficulty level: medium

The starting point is the city center of Brig: the Sebastiansplatz. From there you can walk across the town square south towards the Glishorn.

Then you can cross the road to the Saltina River. There is a footpath next to the creek. Then follow the stream up towards the Glishorn.

Next to the "iischi Arena" ice rink, then past a soccer field and then you can slowly feel the cool air of the stream and everything becomes greener. A small waterfall is on the left side. If the light is right, you can even see a small rainbow. It continues over stairs and a small bridge.

And suddenly you are right in the middle, in the middle of the countryside. The path goes up a little and you come to a signpost. There we follow the arrow “Grindji”. Continue along the path until you come to a clearing. There are fireplaces and two small ponds here, which invite you to linger a while.

From here it is also possible to walk even further into the Saltina Gorge. This is up to you. If you want to immerse yourself even more in the green adventure, a path next to the power station continues to the end of the gorge. Sometimes the bridge is closed there because of falling rocks. Therefore caution is advised!

After that, the path goes up a little and then to the left. Now you can see the path you walked below from above. But beware, the path is narrow and leads over small bridges. For those who are afraid of heights, this trail is better not to be taken. Then it's better to go back the same way you came.

At the end of the forest path you come back to the road, from there you come back to the beautiful little town of Brig.

The photos were taken on an evening in May. It is also a great route to forget the stress of the day. During one of our last walks in the Grindji, three ibexes could be observed on the rocky slopes. So keep your eyes open.