Rundweg Schafweide GR


Sheep pasture circular route in Domat Ems – with Goro

  • Start and end: Schafweide car park, Domat Ems
  • Duration: 1.5h
  • Difficulty level: Middle

Domat Ems – sheep pasture – Domat Ems

There are many ways to walk this circular route - I'd be happy to show you mine favorite track .

By car in Domat Ems direction Schafweide , there is a large parking lot after a short, rather narrow road. From there you follow the path into the countryside, along the initially tarred road. Depending on the season, you can already see sheep from the gravel path. After the barn and the small piece of pasture on your left, there is a very rough piece of meadow up the slope. This doesn't look like an official hiking trail, but it is, although you may have to walk through the embankment to keep enough distance from the sheep. Definitely worth the effort!

Once at the top, follow the small path that goes left into the forest. You can simply follow this. You may come to smaller crossroads, because you always tend to go uphill. Recommendation: Enjoy this breathtaking forest in silence.