Sleep problems

When sleep problems interfere with everyday life: After a strenuous and eventful day, you arrive home, complete pending tasks and, if necessary, are still physically active. Afterwards it's time to relax, in front of the television or with an exciting book. When you're lying in bed a few hours later and it's actually time to dive into dreamland, you're suddenly wide awake again. You toss and turn at night and are exhausted in the morning. You can't concentrate, you're powerless and listless. No wonder, because our body regenerates during the night. Numerous processes ensure that we are rested and full of energy the next day. A true wonder of nature. But what if sleep problems interfere with everyday life and are accompanied by a drop in performance? What role can CBD play in overcoming this? We answer these and many other questions in the following blog.

What are sleep problems?

Sleep is one of the most important functions of our body and very individual. The optimal amount of sleep and the sleep rhythm differ from person to person. There are people who need less sleep, there are early risers and those who are active at night. As long as sleep gives you a rested well-being and enough energy for the day the next morning, everything is fine. However, if you already feel exhausted in the morning, are overtired all day and have a significant drop in performance, sleep problems can be the cause. These show up when falling asleep and/or staying asleep and in the quality of sleep. Sleep problems can have very different effects in everyday life, for example through:

  • Headache
  • concentration problem
  • movement disorders
  • drop in performance
  • fatigue

Causes of sleep problems

The causes can also be different. In addition to unfavorable sleeping conditions, such as too much light in the bedroom, the wrong mattress or an unfavorable room climate, stress, nervousness or worries can also rob you of sleep. It can also be due to alcohol or caffeine consumption.

When you sleep, your body and mind recover from the day. In the nocturnal regeneration phase, for example, the cells renew themselves, the immune system is strengthened, the brain processes the information from the experience and the metabolism regulates itself. For example, if you have sore muscles after a workout, the body repairs the fine tears in the muscles at night so that you are free of them again in the next few days. We are often hardly aware of the processes until sleep problems ensure that we suddenly become aware of them again. Today we know that healthy sleep maintains performance and even slows down physical and mental aging processes. Healthy sleep is extremely important for the brain in particular and has become even more important in recent years due to the sensory overload that most people are exposed to today. So you could say that sleep is our very personal wellness program for every day.

What does sleep look like?

It usually takes a person around 15 to 30 minutes to fall asleep. Thereafter, sleep proceeds in three phases, which are repeated several times throughout the night. These phases include

  • Light or shallow sleep


  • deep sleep


  • REM phase, also called dream sleep

As soon as the REM phase ends, the sleep cycle starts again and goes through the sleep phases. Each of these sections lasts about 90 minutes. We usually go through this cycle about four to five times in seven hours.

How can you support restful sleep?

If you sleep well, you feel rested, productive and concentrated. You are in a good mood and relaxed. If you want to sleep well, you should...

  • orient yourself to your own sleep rhythm.
  • don't sleep more than your body needs.
  • set regular bedtimes.
  • ensure comfortable sleeping conditions (such as a good bedroom temperature of around 18°C).
  • avoid alcohol, coffee, cola, energy drinks and cocoa late at night.
  • pay attention to a balanced diet and sufficient exercise in the fresh air.
  • ensure a relaxing evening.

What is the connection between sleep and the endocannabinoid system?

We know from numerous customers that CBD can help you get back to a good sleep routine. A restful and good sleep makes you fit and efficient for your everyday life and its challenges. Barbara S., Managing Director, tells us: "Thanks to the CBD drops from BergBlüten Ursprung I am much more balanced, I can get on better with my work and simply fall asleep better in the evening." Samuel S. also has similar results, as he tells us : “I feel much calmer, I am less stressed and I sleep better. I'm glad there is a plant-based alternative."

The hemp plant appears to have a calming effect, thus improving sleep. If you want to use CBD, it is important to ensure that the product is of high and safe quality, as with BergBlüten Ursprung . We have specialized in manufacturing and are the only manufacturer that can convince with a highly efficient manufacturing process that we have developed together with universities and experts. We rely on vertical integration, so we carry out all the steps from breeding to the finished CBD oil ourselves. Just convince yourself!

who of sleep problems is haunted, has certainly tried a few things to get rid of them. CBD oil, for example mountain blossom origin, may have a supporting effect. Let us know what you do when you're plagued by trouble sleeping in the comments.