Wanderung Simplon Bergalpe


Hike around the Simplon Bergalpe - with Kira

  • Start and end: Simplon Pass at the hospice (or Postbus stop Kulm)
  • Duration: 2.5h
  • Difficulty level: Easy, about 8km distance

Simplon Pass

Again and again, sweet Kira can cool off a little with or in the water, since small streams, fountains or the lakes mentioned can be found again and again along the entire route.

Another small hint: Cows and sheep may cross the path and we let them pass with comfort and distance. There are no livestock protection dogs in use in the Simplon region.

The Alpung is of great value for the Simplon region and should also be respected by us hikers. It is therefore important to ensure that the gates to be passed are properly closed again behind you.

The circular route is always very well signposted and other small tours that are signposted invite you to customize the tour.