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Natural Rebel

NATURAL REBEL Hash - Ketama 10g

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  • This strain is named after the city in Morocco known for its cultivation of cannabis and its unique character. Ketama CBD hash has an earthy and spicy aroma with notes of sweet spices, wood, and a hint of mint. This particular aroma comes from a rich blend of terpenes that offer a natural and inviting scent.
  • Natural Rebel places great emphasis on offering the highest quality at a fair price. To ensure this quality, only natural growing methods are used in conjunction with extremely careful handcrafting. The plants are grown under controlled conditions and are free of pesticides or other harmful chemicals.
  • Like all Natural Rebel products, the flowers are gently packaged in airtight pouches to preserve the unique aroma.

Quantity: 10g
CBD ~12%
THC <1%
RRP: 22 CHF incl. VAT

Ketama von Natural Rebel 10g
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