Kann CBD-Öl Arthrose bei Hunden lindern?


Can CBD oil relieve arthritis in dogs? Osteoarthritis is one of the most common joint diseases in dogs and the risk of it increases as the dog gets older. To be more precise, it is a chronic, degenerative disease of the articular cartilage with progressive impairment of mobility. In addition to a change in diet, a diagnosed arthrosis is usually accompanied by the administration of painkillers for the dog, which are intended to make the sometimes severe pain bearable. Because these dogs can sometimes be very stressful, dog owners are increasingly looking for natural painkillers for their dog to increase their well-being, make exercise possible again and support therapeutic treatment. These often come across CBD oil for dogs , which many users are already using to relieve the symptoms of osteoarthritis and restore quality of life.

Can CBD oil for dogs help with osteoarthritis and if so, how? This is exactly what we have dealt with in more detail in the following article.

CBD oil used as a pain reliever for your dog - but what is osteoarthritis anyway?

Osteoarthritis is a disease of the joints that can arise from a variety of causes, especially in old age. As the disease progresses, the articular cartilage loses more and more of its elasticity, regresses and is gradually worn away. Inflammation affects the consistency of the synovial fluid over time, which significantly impairs its ability to act as a lubricant. Wear and tear and atrophy of the joints cause the joint surfaces to rub against each other with every movement and cause great pain. Arthrosis in dogs increasingly restricts mobility. Basically, any joint can be affected, but it is usually the elbow, hip and ankle joints that are affected by the degenerative joint disease. Reasons can be a strong incorrect load, malformations, inflammation or trauma. But even in the natural aging process, osteoarthritis is not uncommon in dogs.

Always remember that osteoarthritis causes a lot of pain. For the most part, painkillers are therefore indispensable for the dog. CBD oil cannot heal arthrosis in the dog itself. However, many users have experienced that the extract of the cannabis plant as a natural painkiller for dogs can relieve osteoarthritis and improve quality of life again.

The physiotherapy practice Kynofit shows an example of how CBD oil for dogs is used to treat arthrosis in the therapeutic area:

«CBD oil is used in low doses to increase vitality and promote overall health in healthy dogs that are active in sports or exercise training in water. When owners come to us, however, something is amiss. Inflammatory joint problems, arthritic joints, problems before or after surgery, muscle tension or general age-related problems are the most common reasons. Here, CBD oil is used as an accompanying measure for exercise therapy and is intended to restore health.»

How do you recognize osteoarthritis in dogs?

The fatal thing about osteoarthritis in dogs is that it is gradual. It is often already advanced when the symptoms are visible. It is therefore important to always keep an eye on possible signs in order to recognize them early and consult a veterinarian. You can recognize osteoarthritis in your dog by these symptoms:

  • lameness
  • thickened joints
  • decreasing joy of movement
  • difficult stair climbing
  • frequent changing of lying position
  • less activity
  • Biting at the painful spot
  • tenderness in the affected joints
  • Trouble getting up and lying down

Ultimately, the dog will try harder and harder to escape the pain. At the same time, however, the steadily decreasing movement leads to the breakdown of muscles and triggers tension, which in turn promotes the pain. A vicious circle is created. For this reason, therapy for osteoarthritis aims to relieve the pain with painkillers in dogs, to promote the maintenance or restoration of mobility and to support joint functions. Overweight dogs require an immediate change in diet because the weight puts a lot of strain on the joints. Physiotherapy for dogs ensures regular exercise adapted to the problem and anti-inflammatory painkillers help the dog to make the pain bearable.

CBD oil for dogs with arthrosis has already achieved notable success as a painkiller for dogs with many users, and with absolutely no side effects.

«Vet dog Toby has recently been given hemp drops for dogs (in addition to classic painkillers) for his osteoarthritis in his elbows and knees. Since then he's been a lot happier and limps less." – Tamara, practice Dr. Theus

Why can CBD oil for dogs work for osteoarthritis?

Are you wondering how CBD oil can affect osteoarthritis in dogs? All mammals, including dogs, have what is known as the endocannabinoid system. This is where the CB1 and CB2 receptors are located, to which the body's own endocannabinoids dock. Mammals are able to produce even small amounts of it. Since the CBD in the CBD oil is very similar to these, they can also have a positive influence on the immune system and central nervous system from there, according to the current assumptions of experts. Above all, the regulation of pain perception, the anti-inflammatory effect and the promotion of mobility could play a decisive role in arthrosis.

CBD oil in dogs with arthrosis is primarily intended to support therapy as a natural pain reliever for the dog. There is also the possibility that the anti-inflammatory properties can have a positive effect on the course. So it would be conceivable that the mobility improves again and the dog gains in quality of life.

The first research results are promising and the numerous user examples already show that CBD cannot stop osteoarthritis in dogs, but can alleviate the symptoms.

«I treat my 12-year-old dog Nena with CBD hemp oil for her pain caused by osteoarthritis and can only recommend it. Her gait has improved and the walks together have turned from a worry-filled trip into mutual pleasure for me. » – jacky

CBD oil for dogs with osteoarthritis of hemp paws

If you want to support your four-legged friend and are looking for an alternative to synthetic painkillers for the dog, CBD oil can be used for your dog with osteoarthritis. On the one hand, it is important that you discuss the additional dose for therapeutic measures with your veterinarian and, on the other hand, that you use a high-quality CBD oil. In addition, we at Hanfpfoten offer you a real one Quality product developed in cooperation with animal veterinary experts. From the cutting to the cultivation to the harvest, extraction, bottling and control, we take care of the careful manufacturing all steps of the value chain itself. Without compromises and of course without intoxicating effects due to the minimal amount of THC. CBD oil for dogs with arthrosis can work, at least our numerous customers confirm that. We would be happy to advise you personally.